Country Music Origins

Country music is very popular in America and it was created in the Southern States in the 1920s. However, it is important to know that this term was used in the 1940s once the term hillbilly music was no longer being used. By the year 1922, this music was often heard on the radio. This was not the only place where this music was being heard as it was also being played in barns and barn dance programs were started to take place as well.

You might be shocked to learn that this music was not famous or popular with many different radio stations as some different stars were being turned away from the airways. But, there were still others that really understood that this music was going to be great for the different agricultural workers that were earning their wages on the farms and in the fields.

If you are wondering who some of the most popular singers were within this musical field then you will want to make sure that you are remembering Jimmie Rodgers and even the Carter Family. It might also be important for you to know that many of these stars were also recording blues music at the same time.

Many of the different instruments that are now used within this type of music were not often used in the early days either. In fact, in the early days the drums were not often used as they were considered to be too loud. It even took some time for many of the different artists to begin putting the electrical guitars in their bands to create a different type of sound.

Country Music stars now make a large portion of their income from touring. The concert tours are getting bigger and better each year. Kenny Chesney is an example of a Country Music star who has capitalized on tours. These tours can rival a Coldplay Tour in terms of size and popularity. The ticket sales for Coldplay Tickets Boston and Coldplay Tickets Chicago would often force a second night in the same city. If a Country Music star can accomplish that, then the tour would be very profitable.

It today’s society many people are more familiar with the country pop music that has made its way onto the scene. You are going to see that this music has been derived from soft rock and country music and it is very popular with many teens and young adults. When you stop and think about the progression that country music has made you are going to see that the sounds have changed and it would be very difficult for anyone to say that it sounds like hillbilly music.